National debt collection

Have you expanded your business by Polish territory but Polish entrepreneurs fail to pay their obligations?
Polish citizen has failed to pay and you are not able to find him/her?
Attempts to get in touch fail and Polish commercial law seems to be complicated?


Visit us. We shall deal with your case in the field of:
• debt recovery,
• court procedure and enforcement procedure,
• and we will provide you with legal consultations.


Due to cooperation with us you will have an experienced and reliable partner in the area of Poland as well as access to innovative solutions which enable searching for a debtor.

We will take relevant steps to find valid address, phone no. and place of stay of your debtor.

Membership in the Polish Debt Recovery Association will ensure safe and comfortable operations accordant with the law.


Cooperation with us means:
• time and money saving
• settlements with debtors, automatically monitored by own IT system eInkaso
• free of charge access to the eInkaso system – we enable you to observe progress of procedures regarding your business, via Internet, 27h/7 days a week
• The eInkaso notification system is an innovative way of informing our clients on the progress of cases we deal with.


We assure:
• quick and effective debt recovery,
• access to files of a case via reporting system,
• low cost of order service – we charge our commission provided we’ve recovered debt,
• support for specialized legal department,
• fluent knowledge of foreign languages among our employees.

Table of commissions

Operation name Value of the commission
Commission from main receivables 20%
Commission on interest 25%
Preliminary fee 150 PLN
Call us at the number: +48 61 826 63 20 or email us at the address:, and we will contact you back!!