Debt collection

Inkaso Hermański debt collection service is addressed to all business entities which have problems with unreliable payers. The service includes:

• out-of-court (amicable) recovery
• judicial recovery
• enforcement (court-ordered) recovery


Additionally, thanks to our cooperation with the economic data office BIG InfoMonitor and online debt exchange, we can use the services developed to provide even more effective debt recovery.


We deal with every case immediately and without any initial fees. We charge for our work only after the recovery of money from a debtor!


As for the service of debt recovery, we conclude only one indefinite term contract with our client. We respect our clients’ time and that is why we give them the opportunity to submit any number of orders for debt recovery actions without wasting time on signing agreements, annexes and other unnecessary documents every time.


As part of debt recovery services we offer you the latest technologies:


SYSTEM – you can check all our activities without leaving your office, using our free-of-charge IT system available to our customers 24 hours a day,7 days a week.


INFORMATION – we have an automatic and innovative way to inform our clients on the progress of affairs entrusted to us. This solution, in addition to the possibility to log into our database, allows for efficient and safe interpretation of the information provided by us.


REPAYMENT – each debtor can quickly, safely and easily repay their debt with the help of a special panel thanks to which the money is instantly credited to your account.


How much will our actions cost? Valuation is extremely simple and you can make it yourself using the table below. If your debtor operates in the Republic of Poland, our company charges a commission amounting to:

Amount of a claim in PLN Overdue by
up to 3 months between 3 and 12 months over 12 months
over 50.000 5% 8% 10%
30.000 – 50.000 7% 10% 12%
5.000 – 30.000 10% 12% 15%
do 5.000 15% 20% 20%
commission on interest 25%

If your debtor operates outside Poland:

Operation name Commission amount (UE member states, except Poland)
Commission on principal amount 20%
Commission on interest 25%
Initial payment 150 PLN


We have nothing to hide.

Call us at the number: +48 61 826 63 20 or email us at the address:, and we will contact you back!!