Commercial intelligence.

Do you want to start cooperation with a new client but you are not sure whether the person is reliable and trustworthy? Contact us to use the innovative product, that is commercial intelligence.


As part of the commercial intelligence service we will verify your potential counterparty and, in particular, we will get and confirm information on their legal and financial situation. Working closely with the economic data office BIG InfoMonitor and debt exchange, we develop and strengthen our activities.


Do not sign dozens of contracts. Instead, use our comprehensive commercial intelligence services. You will save time and we will provide you with the necessary information as soon as possible.


As part of our work, we will try to determine the following information about the your counterparty:


• contact and registration details
• company’s capital structure, relations and subsidiaries
• financial position of the company
• company’s assets (real estate and movables)
• employment size
• information about financial arrears, court-ordered enforcement proceedings and orders carried out by recovery companies (including data from economic data offices)
• information on board members and shareholders
• current bank account number
• additional information, for example, planned subsidies, investments, developments, etc.


Do not take chances. Choose a comprehensive commercial intelligence.

Call us at the number: +48 61 826 63 20 or email us at the address:, and we will contact you back!!