Our company has been operating successfully in the debt market since the year 2001 and continues to grow rapidly.


Our activities are based on legal provisions which are applicable in Poland, industry code of ethics, unique “know-how” and the highest standards of debt-related services, which is certified by the Polish Debt Collection Association as well as on the satisfaction of our customers, as evidenced by references we receive.

We want to create innovative and efficient debt recovery solutions for our customers – we want to give our customers more than they expected – we want to be irreplaceable.
We want to be a reliable debt recovery company – through transparent management of our company’s and our customers’ finances as well as through compliance with the code of professional ethics.

We want to be an efficient debt recovery company – through clear conduct procedures as well as educated and experienced personnel.

In their professional activities, members of the Polish Debt Collection Association comply with legal provisions applicable in the Republic of Poland and:

  • strive to achieve the highest ethical and professional level of their services,
  • do not use information obtained from their clients to act to their detriment,
  • in a fair manner and accordingly to concluded agreements, account for funds and other assets acquired through recovery,
  • claim only existing debts – in case of a debtor’s denial of the existence of a debt in whole or in part recovery may only be initiated only if the maturity of the debt to be recovered is unquestionably confirmed,
  • in public announcements, catalogs and other promotional materials provide information which are accurate and not misleading to their recipients,
  • dealing with debtors, do not apply pressure disproportionate to a particular situation and do not take action which could be too detrimental to the interests of debtors or compromise their dignity,
  • do not engage in activities that lead to a conflict of interest,
  • do not engage in corrupt activities or activities leading to corruption,
  • do not resort to unfair competition,
  • dealing with business and non-business environment, represent a positive image of debt recovery companies, their organization and, in particular, the Polish Debt Collection Association, whose aims and objectives they disseminate and promote,
  • in the event that conduct of a member of the Association is in conflict with law or these principles of ethics, inform the Board about it. After confirming the obtained information, the Board requests the member to change the offending conduct or takes action to delete the member from the list of members, by placing the logo of the Association on their company documents, support the use of the above principles.

With our unique “know-how” we are able to customize virtually every aspect of our operations to the specifics of the industry in which your company operates, starting form letterhead or envelopes and ending on the way of conducting interviews with your counterparties. While working for you, we remember at all times that your today’s debtor can be your great client tomorrow.

As a company operating in the Polish market for years, we are aware of how difficult it is to win a customer and how easy it is to lose them. Therefore, our priority is to maximize our efforts and adapt their purport to the image and strategy of your company.


Due to the nature of our activities, we guarantee our commitment and absolute commercial discretion but it is not the only reason why it is worth trusting us.

We create a positive image of the company as well as shape and disseminates the principles of business ethics. For these reasons since February 13, 2003 we have been continuously receiving positive recommendations of the Polish Debt Collection Association.